Looking at properties priced above your maximum is a dangerous game as these houses are likely to be bigger, in a better location, or even be in a better state of repair. In short, they’re likely to be more appealing than anything priced within your budget and, if you fall in love on a viewing, you can’t afford to buy it. Or can you?

If you’ve been tempted into doing this and have found a property you simply can’t miss making an offer on, there are a few things you can do to hedge your bets.

Make a Cheeky Offer and Negotiate

The first thing to try is to make a cheeky offer – after all, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Many sellers will put a property up for sale knowing they will likely accept an offer 5% to 10% lower. Therefore, if you’re a cash buyer, have no chain or are simply in a strong buying position, this could act in your favour and see a low offer accepted.

Alternatively, try writing a personal note to the seller which tells them a bit about you, why you have fallen in love with the property, and your financial restraints. On occasion, sellers choose to sell to buyers who submit lower offers because they intend on bringing up a family in the property, rather than sell to a developer who can front the whole value without negotiation.

Search for Similar Properties in a Cheaper Area

If the seller won’t budge on their price, it may sadly mean you have to say goodbye to that exact property. However, that doesn’t necessarily you won’t find anything similar (or even better).

Once you know what you like, it streamlines the property search process considerably. You can filter your search by area, number of bedrooms, period of property, size of garden etc. Alternatively, with a small compromise on area, you may find an almost identical property for a considerably cheaper price in another, more affordable, area nearby.

Reassess Your Finances

If there’s no compromise to be had and you couldn’t imagine yourself liking anything else, it may be time to reassess your finances. Asking friends and family to lend money, or taking on more hours at work, could help you to boost your deposit and make affording your dream home a reality.

Alternatively, it may be worth speaking to a residential mortgage broker, like the team here at Ignite. A mortgage broker will be able to compare deals from across a wide variety of lenders (even those not on the high street) to ensure you have the best deal to suit your needs. You never know, you may be able to lend more than you thought at an affordable rate.

Don’t Give Up on the Dream

If you think finances may be your issue, find out more about what our residential mortgage brokers can do for you.