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Whether you’re looking to borrow more money against your current property, you’re coming to the end of a fixed rate deal, or you’re considering making a move to pastures new, remortgaging could free up much-needed funds.

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Can I remortgage my Buy-to-Let property?

Buy-to-Let remortgaging is an option to anyone who owns a property that is tenanted.

Why remortgage? Well, finding and applying for one of the best Buy-to-Let remortgage deals of the moment will allow you to fine-tune your loan. This could include shortening the term of repayments or freeing up equity in order to purchase an additional investment. Buy-to-Let remortgage deals could also help with debt consolidation, allowing you to merge loans into one at a new and competitive interest rate.

Think carefully before securing other loans against your property. The total amount repayable may increase depending on the term of the loan.

Do you have multiple properties?

If you have more than one investment property, then remortgaging onto a portfolio deal could be more suited to your needs. These are designed to consolidate loans on multiple properties in one place, allowing you to take control of your finances and easily manage repayments at one rate.

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